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Mass Effect Screenie a Day – Goodbye Shepard

Tomorrow is the official day. Tomorrow is when we finally say, in Saren Arterius’ immortal… uhh quite mortal words:

Paragon outcome scene in end battle in Mass Effect

Paragon outcome scene in end battle in Mass Effect

I just want us to take a brief moment to mourn and honor the life and legacy of one of the galaxy’s most famous spectres.

I mean Shepard of course, not Saren. He was a traitor to his people, a murderer, a sociopath, an embodiment of all things that are wrong with the idea of a government agency without oversight or rules. And he bloody well deserved what he got, the bastard.
Huh, so many years and I still hate this guy’s guts. Read Mass Effect: Revelation by Drew Karpyshyn to learn more about this character.

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