My subscriber e-peen is bigger than yours…

No, really, it is. Because my MMO just released a vague number that’s bigger than the vague number that YOUR MMO released, so clearly, I’m superior to you. Right. RIGHT?
If that sounds a little silly to you, it’s probably no wonder. It seems almost weekly now, one MMO or other releases player numbers, which often appear vague. Inevitably, I’ll see in my Twitter feed a multitude of MMO experts exclaiming “See, I TOLD you the game was dead/not dead/on life support/THE BEST GAME EVAR.” Except – no one seems to be releasing the same numbers as anyone else. Active players? Registered users? What do any of these numbers actually MEAN?
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SOE Live EQNext videos – A Collection

It seems that no amount of directories in my bookmarks will make it so I can actually find the one link I’m looking for, in any sort of timely fashion. I thought I might collect the latest group of links I keep wanting to revisit in a nice, graphic manner:

The reveal and all the panels of EQNext at this years SOE Live.

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Damsels – A Shortcut to the Shooting

Anita Sarkeesian’s follow-up to her first video, Damsel in Distress: Part 2 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games, is out this week and the debate about the portrayal of women in video games rages on again. But does that mean we should demand that future video games refrain from using particular tropes because they are offensive?


I would like to impress upon you to watch Anita’s videos, because as a writer and as someone who is deeply interested in stories and story-crafting I find her examples damning, not for reasons of feminism but for us as video game consumers.
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Sith Warrior Story Salute – (some spoilers)


I am almost at the end of my Sith Warrior, Ardenn’s story in Star Wars: The Old Republic and it I’m dragging my feet every bit as much as I did with my Trooper. I don’t want it to end!


From Mark Bazeley‘s melt-in-your-mouth voice that just crawls growling over your libido like fur and teeth and steel (he’s not going to read this right? – cough – ) to the strength of conviction and character, sheer un-movable stubbornness and no-fucks-given attitude of the Light Side story. Ardenn never bowed or kow-towed once to Baras or to any other scary Sith or Moff no matter how impressed they were with themselves and he never caved on his principles (well at least not where he was given any choice in the matter, it is a game after all and there are limitations) I am as proud of him as if he was my creation!  And the things you get away with saying to your master’s face! So many times I’ve giggled behind Ardenn’s back at his dry remarks and flippant responses:

Highlight for example:

On Voss (paraphrasing, I forgot to fraps it in my giggle fit):

Npc: I meditate for several hours a day to keep the insanity at bay!
Ardenn: It appears that your time could be better spent…

I have collected six of my favourite scenes with Ardenn below, where I think his hidden Light Side truly shines. There are also a few of the romantic scenes with Vette. If you don’t mind the spoilers ( or if this isn’t a spoiler for you!) watch my latest pixel fling in all his dry-mouth inducing glory:

I am going to miss you big time, Ardenn! And after the Trooper and this story where do I go next that won’t be something of a let-down? Lady agent perhaps? I have heard a lot about that Vector fellow. I hope he’s not as emo as he looks though…

Too Much Sexism in Headlines?

Are you tired of hearing about sexism in the games industry when you’d rather have your headlines be about games? Then help put a stop to sexism and gain access to the following bounty:

More games
More choice
More women!

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